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Do we use Chemicals on our plants?



Short answer: Kinda.


Long answer:  Growing plants in a greenhouse setting is much different than growing outdoors in your garden.  In some ways it is easier but in most it is much more difficult.  It is easier in that we can control our climate to some degree.  It is harder in that the controlled environment makes it very favorable to insects and diseases.  Our bedding plants (excluding organic crops) do end up getting sprayed with a treatment when and if a pest occurs in the crops.  The types of treatment we use depends upon the specific insect or disease and the severity of the problem.  We scout our crops daily to monitor any outbreaks and spot treat so as to not be using treatments unnecessarily.  We avoid the chemicals that are getting a bit of bad press lately known as Neonicitinoids or "Neonics"...in 2015 we made no Neonicitinoid treatments to our spring crops.   In the summer of 2015 we began testing on our fall crops with biologicals (beneficial insects and natural treatments) and have been using only biologicals to date on most of our spring crops.  We are dedicated to working towards using the safest methods possible that produce the most luxurious plants possible.  When it comes to our Organic crops-we already use only biological methods as per organic rules.  Do we use chemicals on our plants?  See the short answer :)