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Montana Grown Female Hemp Clones

With 25 years of growing Montana's highest quality Annuals, Organics and Poinsettias we have evolved into also growing Montana's finest female hemp clones specifically for the CBD growing market.  We also have dried smokable bud for sale.  Our growing expertise makes the difference with as close to "organic" growing techniques as is possible.  Why take chances on "feminized seed" when you can be assured of having zero male plants in your crop every time.  Rooted plants are sold as 50 cell plugs, 4.5" pots or as 5 gallon Mother Plants and are of exceptional quality to move directly into your field or greenhouse operation.  Varieties grown in 2019 have a high CBD to THC ratio (test your plants often as growing technique can change ratios) with the varieties of...


"The Wife" Average CBD-A: 7% - 16%     Average THC: 0.29%
Avg Ratio CBD/THC: 24:1
Maturity Week: 6 to 7
Average Dry Yield: 1.5 lbs

"Cherry x Otto II Sweetend" Average CBD-A: 7% - 14%     Average THC: 0.29%
Avg Ratio CBD/THC: 25:1
Maturity Week: 7 to 8
Average Dry Yield: 2.5 lbs

Varieties scheduled for production of both smokable bud and plugs or liners for field and greenhouse in 2020 are...

"Dinamed",  "Cherry Blossom", "The Wife", "Mountain Mango",  "Hot Blonde", "Otto II Stout" and "Buffalo Soldier-CBG".  All varieties are between 20:1 and 30:1 CBD/THC ratios or are CBG varieties.  

We have dried smokable hemp bud ready for sale in 50 and 100 Gram jars...NOW.

 Contact us as soon as possible to reserve your 2020 order or for more information.  Current Montana Hemp License is required to purchase live plants.  

If you would like to see the crops or discuss options for 2020 please call or email us for an appointment.

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Helena, Montana

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