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More in 2019!



2019 will bring new varieties as we continue to grow innovative products.


Organic Herbs and Veggies! 

We offer a grand selection of quality certified herbs.  in 2019 all of our herb and vegetable selections will now be organic.

Organic Strawberries!

High Country Growers offers the only commercially available Certified Organic Strawberry plants in a 3.5" and 10" Hanging Basket.  The 2 varieties selected...Elan and Milan arguably the best varieties you will find.

New in 2019...All of our hanging baskets will now come with a beneficial insect sachet to help keep your customer pest free!  These little packets are incredibly effective and we use them throughout our greenhouses.  Yes, there are live critters in there (with names I cannot pronounce) attacking against all the nasties your customers may acquire while the plant is in their care.  All of our 12" and larger HB will also be receiving a granular dose of slow release fertilizer to keep the plant growing throughout the season.  2 great additions that help make High Country's Hanging baskets the very best value available.