Ordering & FAQs

How do I place my order?

Scroll down or click here for step by step instructions & a video to assist you with ordering. Call us with questions!

When can I place my order from your live availability?

We require your order by 4PM two days before delivery. You can order up to 6 days in advance. Check out this sheet for specific information.

Can I preorder your spring product?

We operate off a live availability and do not take preorders. Please call us if you have a special inquiry.

What are your delivery minimums?

We outline our delivery minimums in this document.

What are your wholesale policies?

We outline our wholesale policies in this document.

Are you bee friendly?

Yes! We have decided not to use neonicitinoids, also known as "neo-nics". See our Environmental Commitment for more information.

Are your vegetables and herbs certified organic, and Non-GMO?

Yes! See our Environmental Commitment for more information.

How do I know how many pots/cells are in your containers?

This can get confusing! We ship in full flats. Here's a cheat sheet to help you know how many pots/cells come in each flat. Hanging baskets and planters are sold as "eaches".

Step by Step Instructions for Online Ordering

1: Visit our Availability page. Take note of your delivery day at the top of page.

2: Click the "Log in" button in upper right hand corner.

3: Enter your email address and password.

4: If your company has multiple shipping locations, choose a location.

5: Enter the quantity of each item you want (Press "Enter" after each number entered). Remember that all items 8"and larger are sold by eaches and items under 8" are sold by the flat.

6: Click "review order" in upper right hand corner. Here is where you will see if any of your items were spoken for before you completed the order...items go fast!

7: Choose a date for delivery. This needs to be your assigned route day-as per the delivery schedule at top of page. Orders placed are shipped your very next route shipping day as long as they are ordered by 8am day before delivery. Orders taken after 8am will automatically be moved to a further day out...we need at least 24 hours to pick your order. Choose Deliver or Pickup from the dropdown. Enter a PO # if you need one. Add any other notes to the order you feel to be pertinent. Click Ok.

8: If your order looks correct then Click "submit order" in the upper right hand corner.

Your order has now been placed. THANK YOU! Log Out.