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Organic Strawberries...YUM!


No other sweet treat satisfies fresh from the garden like Strawberries.  Make a smoothie, pick and eat, add cream in a dish or bake into a pie.  Organic Certified Strawberry plants from High Country Growers are the best choice for you!

Elan 10" Hanging Basket Variety

Fruit of 'Elan' has a bi-conical shape, a shiny appearance with bright red color.  Fruit has a delicious taste due to high sugar levels in the fruit.  In comparison with other day neutral varieties 'Elan' Reaches a unique level of taste.  The fruit of 'Elan' is not only very delicious, it is very healthy!  Trials found the fruit of 'Elan' 30-50% more Vitamin C than those of other everbearing varieties.  How's that for a mouthful!

Milan 3.5" Potted Variety

A firm, brightly colored berry with great shelf life.  This variety works well as a commercial production grower as the yields are high.  A vigorous grower, 'Milan' has a heavier berry with high brix (sugar) content.  Everbearing.  Cover with straw in the winter months to help over wintering.