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Organic Strawberries...YUM!


No other sweet treat satisfies fresh from the garden like Strawberries.  Make a smoothie, pick and eat, add cream in a dish or bake into a pie.  Organic Certified Strawberry plants from High Country Growers are the best choice for you!

Elan 10" Hanging Basket Variety

Fruit of 'Elan' has a bi-conical shape, a shiny appearance with bright red color.  Fruit has a delicious taste due to high sugar levels in the fruit.  In comparison with other day neutral varieties 'Elan' Reaches a unique level of taste.  The fruit of 'Elan' is not only very delicious, it is very healthy!  Trials found the fruit of 'Elan' 30-50% more Vitamin C than those of other everbearing varieties.  How's that for a mouthful!

Milan 3.5" Potted Variety

A firm, brightly colored berry with great shelf life.  This variety works well as a commercial production grower as the yields are high.  A vigorous grower, 'Milan' has a heavier berry with high brix (sugar) content.  Everbearing.  Cover with straw in the winter months to help over wintering.

"I have grown the Milan Strawberries in beds at my home at 5600ft for 4 years without replanting-except when the chickens destroy them...other than that, they come back and heavily produce every year" - Sam