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High Country Growers is a family owned and operated Wholesale Grower based in Montana's capital. We opened in the spring of 1994 with just a few greenhouses covered. We currently have 31 houses equating to nearly 2.5 acres of growing space under cover and a 5400 square foot retail garden center which is used for growing in the off season as well as outdoor growing areas.  Because of our unique growing system we turn our total greenhouse production space into approximately 10+ Acres making us Montana's largest wholesale grower. 

The Beginning...
 Bob and Donna Hitzeroth own High Country Growers. Bob and Donna opened their first greenhouse business in the Chicago area in 1976. They took over Bob's grandfather's greenhouse business in 1988. Bob grew up in the industry, learning many things from his grandfather. While on a vacation in summer of 1993, they saw an abandoned greenhouse in Helena, Montana. The following fall, they bought the structure and started High Country Growers.  In the intensity of spring we recruit approximately 50+ local talented people to work as a part of our team.

The Hitzeroths...

Bob Hitzeroth is the Master Grower here at High Country.  He first started working in the industry in 1966 under his Grandfathers wing.  The University of Illinois gave Bob more knowledge in the early to mid 70's.  Bob's direction is the reason you see the incredible quality in our plants.  Bob is regarded as a Master grower in the industry.  His dedication to the customers needs sets a benchmark in Montana.

Donna Hitzeroth  Owner and master of the books, Donna works to make sure the financials of the company are in line.  She is the Human Resources Department, Payables, Receivables and the one who keeps everyone in the office (and Bob) in line.  Without her tireless effort there would be no High Country Growers.  Donna's favorite plant is the Canna Lily.

The Erdahls...

Luke Erdahl as the Greenhouse Manager is the glue of the company.  His tireless efforts make sure that the product you recieve is the best there is to offer.  Helena College of Technology helped Luke learn the construction side of things and he has graced the doors of High Country for over 20 years.  Luke is a primary contact for our hard goods sales.



Cheryl Erdahl is the Plant ordering super awesome-we cannot live without person.  Cheryl has a Bachelor's in Statistics from Montana State.  As the daughter of Bob and Donna she grew up in the industry and first sat on a bucket to get a nickel per flat she hand transplanted in Chicago...that was 1986.  By the time she was in 6th grade her parents would pull her out of school to run the cash register for retail.  Cheryl's favorite crop is Hanging Baskets and her favorite flower/plant is Hosta.

The Team...

Toni Wosoba is a Primary in the greenhouse.  Starting with High Country in 2003 she has been an essential part of the success in managing our crops and getting accurate orders pulled for our customers.  Toni runs our inventory control-counting each product to keep our availabilty accurate.  Toni's favorite crop is Hanging baskets and her favorite flower is the gazania.

Judy Marron is a Primary in the Greenhouse.  Judy started with High Country in 2001 and is responsible for picking the items you see at Farmers Market.  She wears many hats in the greenhouse and is an indisposable team member.  Judy's favorite crop to grow is perennials and her favorite flowers are State Fair Zinnia's.

Mike Mavrinac is the Jack of Trades here at High Country.  From contruction of new greenhouses and maintaining the old to dishing the the dirt our plants are grown in.  When a project needs to be done, Mike is the go to guy.  Taking pride in his work you can be assured if Mike has touched it then our seal of approval is sure to follow.

Sam Stigman Sales Manager/Business Manager started with High Country in 2014.  Sam first stepped into a greenhouse in Perham, MN in 1983 to clean under benches...the humid aroma of flowers hooked him.  Sam has schooling from The Univ of MN, The Ohio State Univ, Brown College and Kaplan Univ but has learned the best education comes from being inside the greenhouse.  Sam was a Garden Center consultant, G.C. Manager and business developer serving the Midwest and South for 20 years before joining the High Country team.  Sam's favorite crop is Nonstop Begonia baskets and his favorite flower is Lobelia.