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When your herb arrives home.

Remove any plastic sleeve that your herb may have come in.  Your herbs can be grown in the green pot they came in or you can pot them into a larger container.  Most Herbs can be grown outdoors during the warmer summer months but Basil will not tolerate chilly days and nights.  When grown indoors place your herb in a sunny window.

Fresh potted herbs grown in Helena Montana by High County Growers are fun to keep in the kitchen but the primary purpose is to always have available the freshest herbs possible for your culinary needs.

Water only as needed...it is OK to let the soil dry moderately between waterings.  On average indoor watering is once every few days.  Outside in full sun may be every day to several time per day.  We do not recommend fertilizing your 4" potted herb.  The easiest watering technique is to fill a bowl 1/4 of the way with clear water and set the potted herb in the bowl until it has stopped soaking up water.

Your organic herb is meant to be used...to be eaten!   Snap the leaves as needed and wash off before adding fresh flavor to your dishes.  Remember to keep 1/3 of the plant intact so it can grow again and keep producing fresh herbs.

Eat me!

How to care for your sleeved Organic Herb.


Thank you for supporting a local Montana business and purchasing a sleeved Helena Montana Grown Organic Herb.  Here are a few tips to help you have some tasty fun with your purchase.